Sewing Machines and/or Sewing Tools

Do we need to bring our own sewing machine to lessons?

No, we provide sewing machines for all students. 

May we bring our own sewing machine to lessons?

No, when one class if finished, the next students walk in and start immediately.  There is no set up space or time between lesson sessions for this option in our studio.

Can you teach me how to operate my sewing machine?

Yes, there is a "Learn Your Sewing Machine" tab on the home page which allows you to submit the request and pay for the 1-on-1 session online.

Do we need to bring our own sewing equipment like pins, scissors, irons, etc?

No, The Sewing Room has all necessary tools for each student to complete the projects and patterns they are completing.

Project Patterns

Do we need to purchase our own patterns for class?

For students enrolling in Teen & Pre-Teen Fashion Lessons, we have a beginning level book that they will use to learn basic skills and complete their first projects before moving into purchase patterns from the store.

Project Fabric/Notions

Do we need to provide fabric and notions for each project?

The Sewing Room provides the option of providing all fabric and notions needed for each project.  You can elect to pay a project fee with your monthly lessons fee and everything is provided.  This eliminates a trip to the fabric store for you in search of items with which you may not be familiar.

What are Notions?

Notion is a global term used to reference additional items beside fabric needed to complete a project.  The may included things like thread, buttons, zippers, elastic, etc.

Make Up Lessons

If a student misses a lesson due to illness or school activity, can they make up the missed lesson time?

  • Make up lessons are provided for excused absences ONLY. If your child is going to be absent, you need to notify The Sewing Room at your earliest convenience to make sure the classroom teacher knows not to expect him or her for lessons that night.
  • No Call/No Show prior to class starting means NO Make Up lesson offered!
  • Students may make up no more than 1 excused absence that occurs during the same month.
  • Absences that occur during the semester can only be made up during the same semester.  Exceptions include illness, family emergency or inclement weather only during the month of December and are enrolled to continue lessons in January.
  • Inclement weather is excluded from above class absence/make up lesson requirements.

Topics Include:

Enrollment Options

(Age/Grade Eligibility)

Payment Options

Sewing Lessons vs Classes

Sewing Machines/Tools

Project Patterns


Make Up Lessons

Enrollment Information

Can we only enroll at the beginning of a semester?

No, you may enroll during any month.  You will be placed on the monthly payment plan option if you elect to start during a semester rather than at the beginning of a semester.

At what age/grade can student enroll in lessons?

Due to the structure during lesson time at The Sewing Room, students need to be at least 8 years old AND in 3rd grade.

If students in 1st or 2nd grade are interested in learning to sew, they may be enrolled in the "1st/2nd Grade Learn to Sew" Class designed for their grade level.

Payment Options

You may pay by Check, Credit Card (in person), or Online on our website (PayPal). A processing fee has been applied to fees shown through online payments or use of a Credit Card in person.

Monthly Lesson Fee Option: Payment is due by the 25th of each month.

Sewing Lessons vs. Classes

What is the difference between sewing lessons and sewing classes?

Classes are set up to focus on a specific project and/or skill that everyone works on at the exact same time for a predetermined # of sessions. A class will finish whether an individual has completed their sewing project or not.

Lessons on ongoing as long as an individual wishes to continue.  This person comes at a pre-selected time each week to work on their own projects and skills at their own pace.  They may continue taking lessons and increasing their skill set at long as he or she desires. At the Sewing Room, a student may share their time with others who are having lesson at the exact same time.  The program structure allows everyone to work at a pace at which they are comfortable progressing.

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