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The Sewing Room

School for Sewing


Take it to the next level!!

Continue with the "You Can Make It" program.

 Fashion Basics Teens - Level 1

 Learn the basics: operation of the sewing  

 machine, fabric layout, cutting, elastic  

 casings, hemming, facings and much

 more.Projects include: bags, pants,

 shorts, shirts and more.

 This machine-based sewing instruction and pattern book is created specifically for young ladies who are between the ages 13 - 17. Students will receive a complete sewing pattern and instruction packet.

LEVEL 1: Learn the basics: patterns (selection, choosing, sizing, understanding), guide sheets, fabric layouts, pinning, cutting, marking, sewing, hemming and more.

LEVEL 2: Darts, pleats, tucks, zippers, waistbands, vents, slits, snaps, buttons, hooks & eyes, straps, Velcro, and more!

LEVEL 3: Facings, simple sleeves, simple collars, ruffle collars, front closures, ruffles, lace, trims, pockets, special seams and more!

LEVEL 4: Easy Layouts & Matching, Altering Jumper Patterns, Bias Tape, Piping, Stitched Elastic and more!

LEVEL 5: Learn all about pants and how to fit them. Learn about working with napped fabrics, lapped & invisible zippers, pockets, belt carriers, eyelets and more!

LEVEL 6: If you want professional looking garments and achieve a perfect fit, this is the one for you! You will learn more about buttonholes, collars, sleeves, plackets, button cuffs, special closures and more!

LEVEL 7: Do you think tailoring skills are difficult? Change your mind with Level 7! You will learn how do other types of pockets, bound buttonholes, linings and more!

 Level Up with "You Can Make It"

 "You Can Make It"

Remember how you had to learn each letter of the alphabet to become an accomplished reader? 

We will apply the same theory to learning how to sew in this course.

This program takes the basics you have learned above and teaches you how to apply them to traditional commercial patterns (ex: Simplicity, McCall's, Etc.) It is designed to teach everything about sewing progressively in seven levels.  Develop your skills to the desired level (see below). All aspects of sewing are taught in classes starting from basic, learn - to - sew sewing skills in Level 1 and progressing to tailoring in Level 7. This program works on the theory of learning the basics to develop a strong foundation. 

The You Can Make It program is designed for students ages 18 & up.  You will learn a comprehensive set of sewing skills as well as alterations skills which begin in Level 2.  You will be considered a very advanced sewer if you elect to complete all 7 levels.

After all the projects in Level 1 are completed, students can learn how to use easy-to-sew store bought (per-approved) patterns featuring trendy teen fashions.  Students who have successfully completed Level 1 and the pre-approved commercial patterns, can be promoted to the You Can Make It program where you will learn advanced sewing skills for ages 18 & up.